Saturday, August 27, 2011

August in Texas

Oh blog, how I've neglected you! Guess studying has really taken over! I don't really even have time for a post now, but {confession} I didn't want August to be a completely blog-free month. So, I thought I'd comment on this Texas heat... (sidenote: does talking about the weather on a blog have the same sort of awkward-nothingtotalkabout-boring connotation as having a conversation with someone about the weather?!)

Anyway, it has been HOT and DRY. This week we broke the record (set in 1925) for highest number of 100+ degree days in a year... and it's still only August! The record was 69, by the way. And so far, this has been the worst one-year drought in Texas history (there have been worse ones based solely on longevity). In general, this doesn't really affect me on a day to day basis since I'm inside working during the week and inside studying on the weekends - plus I have no yard to water. But it is definitely affecting many many people every day, and has severe long-term implications.

And in the mean time, I have been ready for fall to arrive for about a month now. The weather, the clothes, the decor... I'm just ready for change. I crave the change of seasons! Especially from summer into fall and winter into spring, which, in Texas, happen in the blink of an eye. Actually, we usually skip straight from summer in to winter and vice versa. So I have told myself that if I can just make it through August, then I will let myself pretend that it's fall come September - at least the decor and yummy fall scents. The heat may be around well into November.

Let's leave it at that. Enough talk of weather - and enough to suffice as an August post. Keep cool, pray for thunderstorms, and see you in September!

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