Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Makeover

I had some fun playing around with the layout, colors, and background of this blog tonight. I really like how it turned out... what do you think? Any suggestions?

Encouragement this Wednesday

Our God is AWESOME! He is Huge, All-powerful, Never-tiring, Enduring, Understanding, Creator, Loving, Everlasting, Wonderful...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shutterfly Site

Since not everyone has facebook and it's not convenient nor easy to upload the abundance of photos I take onto this blog, I thought I'd start a Shutterfly website just for pics! I figure, I'm uploading many of them onto Shutterfly anyway - might as well use their resources to share!

So take a look at the site when you get a chance. There's not a ton on there yet, but I hope to be able to keep up with it regularly. Right now I'm working on uploading adventures from 2010. At some point I might post things prior (such as our wedding) but for now, enjoy the Bevil's 2010 :)

Click here --> Bevil Adventures

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One-month Check-up

It's been one month since I've taken my exam - and I want to reflect a little bit on how things have been going since then. Before I took the exam, I made a list of things I wanted to do - or make more time for - once I was finished studying. Here's how I've done so far:
  1. BLOG! Obviously, since I haven't posted since the day of my exam, I haven't done all that well with this. I always think of plenty of things I'd like to blog about, but when I get home from work - where I stare at a computer for at least 8 hours straight - the last thing I want to do is get online to blog. I would still like to get a little bit better at this, though.
  2. Keep the apartment clean. I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job at this. Stuff still gets cluttered, but I seem to be keeping things clean and keeping up with (instead of catching up on) laundry.
  3. Spring Cleaning! I haven't done much spring cleaning. And I need to. We have so much STUFF. Much more that we could ever need. 
  4. Invite people over. Check! It was nice to have people over - and to have the apartment clean enough to have them over!
  5. Spend time with friends. I've hung out with many of my friends and contacted or tried to contact them to catch up. I actually just got off the phone with my long lost Oxford friend, as I like to call her, who I haven't seen in almost a year! Horray for Skype!
  6. Make an "I'm done with my exam" CD. I made a country CD that I wake up to every morning! It's wonderful!
  7. WORK OUT! I haven't done as well with this as I would like, but it's definitely better than when I was studying! Right now I'm up to working out 2-3 times a week. I'd like to get that up to 4-5 times. Brad and I are considering joining a gym - probably Anytime Fitness - but I'll keep you posted!
  8. Play with my Cricut. I haven't really done this, BUT I have started making a t-shirt quilt out of my Phi Lamb shirts from college!
  9. Scrapbook. Again, I haven't done much, but I will probably take a lot of my scrapbook stuff with me when we go to PCB, Florida in 3 weeks
  10. Research small business ideas Not yet...
  11. Read! I basically read an entire book on our Memorial Day camping trip to Enchanted Rock! I hope to post more pictures of this soon! (click on them to see enlarged versions!)
  12. Make a MediaShout training guide for church. Still need to do this...
  13. Go for walks... OUTSIDE! I've gone jogging in the park with Brad twice and we went on plenty of walks on our camping trip... I'd like to do more though!
  14. Read my Real Simple magazines I have caught up and actually need to renew my subscription!
  15. Lay out by the pool - I'm hoping to do this this evening!
  16. Watch Brad play softball I went to the game last Monday night and Brad hit a HOME RUN! Do I have a talented husband or what?!
  17. Play with my camera. I've gotten a little bit of play time in - but I'd like some more! Another Florida project, probably!
  18. Plan a surprise date night for Brad. Not yet... but he still deserves one :)
  19. Design a Terranova t-shirt. hopefully soon...
  20. Go shopping! I went on a shopping trip with my "twin", Kim :)
  21. Be a more diligent employee. I am trying!
  22. Car shop! We have been car shopping, but it's more stressful than I want it to be.
  23. Play the Wii. Not yet
  24. Ride my bike! Not yet :(
  25. Cook! Not yet... unless you count cooking on our camping trip!
  26. Go to a coffee shop check!
  27. Get a massage for ME well... I did get one for me. But I also still have headaches.
  28. Bring snack to Bible study. I took a yummy fruit pizza! 
  29. Organize all my bills. They are partly organized... now I need to finish it up!
  30. Spend time with God.  I have started a Beth Moore study (which I happen to be just going through on my own instead of in a group) called Living Beyond Yourself. It's a study of the fruit of the Spirit. I can tell that God is working in me, even if I don't suddenly feel close to Him. We are working on it :)
It looks like I've done a good job with about half of my list. It's a good start. I'd like to make some of these a regular part of my life - even while I study! My study days are creeping back up on me more quickly than I'd like!! I better enjoy this "time off" (if you can even call it that!) while I can!