Thursday, September 9, 2010

Actuaries, Anvils, and Gilmore Girls (oh my!)

So I went to a business lunch today. We have them every month or so. We get to go to a not too terribly fancy ballroom, eat mediocre food and listen to the most recent topic on pension plans and related topics. Most of them are pretty interesting if you're someone nerdy like me ;)

Today my boss (my big-time boss - the senior actuary at our firm) gave the presentation. I even got to help him research it and prepare parts of the presentation, which is a big deal for me! It was on a topic extremely relevant to the work that I do - and in general, this guy is a great public speaker. So I was pretty excited!

Somewhere in the middle of the presentation he used the word "anvil". I can't remember exactly what the context was, since anvils don't exactly relate to actuarial work, but I think it was some sort of analogy involving pounding. Anyway, the point is, he used the word "anvil".

As soon as he spoke the word, I immediately started daydreaming about Gilmore Girls - which probably explains why I can't remember the context it was used in! I firmly believe that any and everything in life can be related to Gilmore Girls in some way. And, man have I learned a lot from that show. I learn something almost every time I watch an episode - even if I've seen it over a dozen times!

For example (here's where I finally tie together the uncommon trio of actuaries, anvils, and Gilmore Girls) I don't think I knew what an anvil was until I watched this scene of GGs. It's probably one of my favorites. And  though my boss probably doesn't know it, he completely made my day - not by giving me tons of insight into the Pension Relief Act of 2010, nor by crediting me in front of everyone for helping him make the graphs in his presentation - but by making reference to anvils and filling my imagination with all things Gilmore :)


  1. This blog actually made my day!! As I was totally facebook stalking you, I came across the blog and had to read it. I love your theory about Gilmore Girls and how you can relate everything to it. That is my exact feelings towards Friends. There are moments in my life when something is said and all I can think about is that particular episode and who said what.

    I hope that you are doing amazing. I miss you and your bubbly self. I am looking forward to Kim's wedding so we can finally hang out for more than a moment.

    I hope our lives collide very soon!! Love ya, Ashley

  2. Ashley! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Glad you liked my post... and thanks for commenting! I miss you too... it's been too long :( perhaps we need a phone date to tide us over until our next in-person encounter!

  3. This makes me incredibly happy. :) I also love this episode. I'm currently in the middle of season 5! :)

  4. Cute. I must say, you and kim are definitely creating a desire in me to watch gilmore girls. Maybe we can hangout during homecoming and watch an episode? :)