Tuesday, May 26, 2009

re·fresh (ri fres̸h′)


transitive verb

  1. to make fresh by cooling, wetting, etc. rains refreshing parched plants
    like a cool rain shower on a hot texas day... "You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance." -Psalm 68:9- literally, this weekend, God refreshed the land.

  2. to make (another or oneself) feel cooler, stronger, more energetic, etc. than before, as by food, drink, or sleep
    and during His rain shower, i slept. it was a wonderful nap. and God did miracles through it! i woke up cooler, stronger, and more energetic!
  3. to replenish, as by new supplies; renew
    through this 3 day weekend, i was able to catch up on the things that go un-done throughout the week and the things that i feel are not worthy of my precious 2-day weekend time. somehow, all i needed was that extra day. i guess God's not the only one who needs a day of rest.
  4. to revive or stimulate (the memory, etc.)
    due to various reasons, i have been down over the past few months. God used this weekend to lift me up. to help me refocus my priorities and remember the things He has taught me. He revived my spirit.

Related Forms:

  • refresher re·fresh′er noun God, my refresher

it's funny what God can do when we slow down enough to listen to Him. how does my life become so cluttered with the noise of busyness? how do i allow it to get that way? and how do i KEEP it from getting that way? even with the weekends, sometimes it seems like i have to hurry up and relax before the week starts back up again. well, this weekend i had that extra day... and i'm telling you... it made ALL the difference! when sunday afternoon rolled around (the time i typically, unknowingly, and psychologically end my weekend) i realized i still had an entire day and a half left! though i wish every weekend could be 3 days long, i'm striving to keep my focus on Him so that EVERYDAY will feel refreshing.

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