Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Morning Intentions

Sometime I'd like to write a post about my sleep dilemma. I should do that soon.

But tonight I'm posting about how I WILL get up and work out tomorrow morning. I figure, if I'm putting it out there on my blog, I have to do it, right? I'm hoping that will keep me accountable, at least for tomorrow.

I always have so much motivation when I'm going to bed and setting my alarm. Especially on a Sunday night. The stress from the week hasn't started to consume me yet. I'm fresh off of a relaxing, productive weekend and I have such high expectations and hope for the morning. But usually my sleepiness takes over when my alarm goes off and I snooze through a workout. Sometimes it's not even a conscious rebellion. Occasionally it is. I make excuses in my half-consciousness that I get upset about later in the day.

I have taken a week off from working out as I recovered from a bad infection last weekend. It's been long enough. I start back tomorrow. Keep me to it, ok? But with love, of course. No condemnation, just accountability and encouragement. I'm hard enough on myself :)


  1. I always find that setting the alarm extra early allows for some minutes for your mind to wander and self encouragement. I set two alarms, one that beeps and one with my favorite radio station (so that I don't sleep through that either). More than anything, the promise of a delicious breakfast is what usually gets me down the stairs. xoxo Rory

  2. Thanks, Rory! Today went well... I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow :)