Sunday, May 22, 2011


This year, Brad and I decided to take a trip to Boston - just for fun. This was the first trip we've taken where we have been tourists. And we planned it ALL ourselves - flights, rental car, hotels, itinerary. We had an absolute blast. We did about as much as you can do in the amount of time we were there!

Here was our basic itinerary:

Saturday - Travel (got to Boston around midnight)
Sunday - Freedom Trail, Boston sites
Monday - Fenway Park Tour, Harvard/Cambridge, Red Sox Game
Tuesday - Museum Day: Aquarium, Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts
Wednesday - Sam Adams Brewery, Plymouth, travel to Provincetown (tip of the cape)
Thursday - Provincetown, bike trails on the Cape
Friday - Lighthouse, more of the Cape, back to Boston, Prudential Tower
Saturday - return to Texas!

We did a lot... and I took TONS of pictures (over 700! no exaggeration!) So, I am going to devote a blog post for each day of our trip. Obviously, I won't put all 700 pictures on here - but most of them are on our Shutterfly account: Bevil Adventures

Here are a few pics from last Saturday (our travel day):
Waiting at the airport - our flight was delayed 30 minutes

We got to the rental car place and the guy helping us was so nice - knowing it was our first trip to Beantown, he let us pick any car on the lot! Brad chose a 2011 Dodge Charger!! Talk about sweet!
Our view from our hotel room (sorry kinda blurry!) - we stayed in Newton, a suburb of Boston

Stay tuned for Day 1: Freedom Trail!

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