Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I LOVE about November

November is my absolute favorite month of the year! No, it's not JUST because it's my birthday month {see #3 below}, although that definitely plays a part. I love November for sooooo many reasons! Here are my top 10 (in no particular order):

(1) Cool-ER weather. This is the month that we {finally} consistently see some cooler weather here in Texas! Sleeping with windows open & letting that crisp, cool air in is SO nice! Plus, I'm a fan of cool weather clothes... :)

(2) My Exam. No, I am not excited about my exam, but this year it is on November 2nd (tomorrow). And since I don't find out my results until January, and therefore won't know which exam to study for yet, I get to spend 28 of the 30 days of November NOT STUDYING!

(3) My birthday. I'm slightly selfish and absolutely LOVE my birthday. Sure, part of it is being spoiled & getting all of that attention, but it's mainly because I get to share it with the people closest to me. Plus, I'm both a Words of Encouragement and Gifts love language person, and both are usually lavished upon me by my friends and family... which makes me feel unbelievably loved & blessed!

(4) Fall colors & smells. Red, Orange, Gold, Brown... :) And the yummy cinnamon smelling candles (I just changed my Scentsy scent to Autumn Sunset.... yay!) I just can't get enough of it all!

(5) Movies. The good movies start coming out in November. This year, I've been counting down the days until Morning Glory (November 10th) and HP7 Part 1 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1) (November 19). I can't wait to see these - and not feel guilty about having fun instead of studying!

(6) November is the eleventh month of the year. And 11 is one of my favorite numbers (second only to 7, which happens to be the day of the month I was born on!) Yay for primes!

(7) THANKSGIVING! Food, Family, Friends, God, Football, Thankfulness, Parades... Enough said!

(8) Decorating for Christmas! One of my absolute favorite things to do in November is prepare for Christmas. Bring out the tree, the ornaments, the manger, the snowmen, and let's not forget the MUSIC! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

(9) Shopping! Between all the coupons I get from my favorite stores {is it because I shop there so often?!} and Christmas shopping (not to mention Black Friday), I do quite a bit of damage in November! I will say, I love searching for the perfect items to give to my family and friends. I guess it's that love language again!

(10) I don't know what it is - the holidays, the weather... - but people are just more cheerful in November. And cheerful people make me happy.
What do you love about November?


  1. I love November too!!! :) I was just thinking that this morning.

    My main reason is of course, you were born in this month! :) Along with my wifey, Allison. I also LOVE the cooler weather...and I just started teaching my kids about season and weather (one of my favorite units to teach) T-giving, of course and decorating for Christmas. YAY! You just made me really excited about this month!

    Oh, and I love your love of prime numbers.