Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do Re Me

I realize that the number of words in my posts has dwindled exponentially over the past few months. This could be evidence of the INSANITY that is my life... or perhaps a result of my literary self-confidence... but I have to defend myself by pointing out that I have not completely neglected this site. I like to think of these last few months as practice at creatively expressing myself through media. No, I did not use my own words, but you could say that it took MORE effort to adequately (or inadequately, as the case most likely is) express my thoughts and feelings through the work, music, art, or words of others. I cannot promise that I have made a comeback... I just simply wanted to acknowledge that I am aware of the toll my blog has taken due to the busy-ness of life. I plan on continuing to update it, whether that be through my own words or (more likely) You-Tube videos.

On that note, here is one that completely made my day. It actually made me think of one of my wonderful friends, Jenn (love you, Jenn!). I would not put it past her to participate in something like this! It's proof that people really do break into song and dance in the middle of everyday life! Yay spontaneity... we are on our way! Enjoy!

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